A Customized Building Approach

Stonewood Builders Inc. is a unique builder specializing in custom building and renovating for clients of any lifestyle at any life stage. pic1.jpgWe specialize in developing, managing and executing projects designed around the client’s lifestyle, age and independence. At Stonewood Builders, we focus on aligning clients’ surroundings with their individual lifestyles. We understand that your home is an investment designed to last a lifetime.

Stonewood Builders accomplishes this alignment through what we call “wise building.” Every project is unique and requires a fresh set of design, planning and execution processes.

Committed to Wise, Eco-friendly Building

We believe in making responsible choices in terms of sustainable building materials and practices. While building “green” or “eco-friendly” is something we should all aspire to, it is important to make practical choices. We make efforts to thoroughly design, plan and estimate a project beforehand, in order to limit cost and waste. We are also committed to choosing economically and environmentally friendly products, as well as completing projects effectively and efficiently.

Creating Spaces for “Better Living”

Designing and planning a project is as important as the products used to build it. Stonewood Builders specializes in creating a project that is aligned with the people who occupy it. We transform generic spaces into truly liveable ones.  In the end, a space designed to match a client’s lifestyle will contribute to a lifetime of “better living.”

“Wise Building, Better Living.”

No two lifestyles are exactly the same and neither are the spaces those lifestyles occupy. Stonewood Builders uses education, professional experience and intuition to successfully create customized living spaces.


We had a good idea of the look and feel we wanted in our new country home when we designed it. Kyle with his creative ideas, his extra builds and his "vision" made our dream home become a reality. The end product is better than our original vision. Thank you Kyle (Stonewood Builders Inc.)
- Karen Shedden